Yvonne Orji, Still A Virgin At 39, Gets Real About Her Pent-Up Sexual Energy

Yvonne Orji, known for her role in “Insecure,” has always been open about her decision to remain a virgin until marriage. During an episode of Chelsea Handler’s podcast “Dear Chelsea,” she confirmed that she is still a virgin at the age of 39. Orji humorously asked the audience to pray for her future partner, as the wait has left her with a lot of “pent-up energy.”

Chelsea Handler playfully suggested that Orji might “need a couple of men” when the time comes, to which Orji responded with a joke, saying, “Yvonne went from being a virgin to polyamory.”

Some fans have expressed surprise at Orji’s virginity, given the many sex scenes she portrayed in the HBO series “Insecure.” However, in 2021, Orji revealed that the costume designer on the show provided guidance on making the scenes appear believable.

Orji’s decision to save herself for marriage is deeply rooted in her faith and personal values. In a 2017 interview with PEOPLE magazine, she discussed her commitment to representing her beliefs and making God proud through her choices.

The last public relationship Orji was linked to was with Emmanuel Acho, a former football star, sports commentator, and the founder of “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” They announced their relationship in 2018 but had broken up by 2019.