T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Harris Says He Lived With His Grandma During Taping Of Family VH1 Reality Show

King Harris is making headlines again, this time for setting people straight about his parent’s hit show ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’.


He spoke with Funny Marco about the show claiming that there is a lot about the show that people do not understand.He said he actually lived with his grandmother and only taped on the weekends.

Funny Marco said:

What do you feel that they got on you that they shouldn’t have on you? ‘Cause I feel like [when] you grow up, it’s like you can’t be you.”

His reply:

“It’s a lot about that TV show, man, that got people confused.” “I lived with my grandma. You know, we’ll go to the house for like a weekend. They’ll say, ‘Hey, we shooting today; we need y’all at the house.’ They’ll come get me from my grandma’s house and right after we done–when them cameras go off–I’m right back to my grandma’s house.”

Although he didn’t provide details about why he was residing ‘with grandma’, opinions are divided regarding his disclosure, particularly because there is always this widespread desire to analyze the reasons behind King’s behavior.

After TNHT shared the video to their platform the conversation continued with some people chastising Tip and Tiny for not raising their son, while others making the point that many of us lived with our grandparents and turned out just fine.

Listen…WE gotta start allowing our children to talk about THEIR trauma. He NEVER said they were bad parents. All he said was he lived with his Grandma. I too worked and my Son was at his Grandmother’s. At some point throughout his childhood he felt abandoned by me. To ME I was simply doing the right thing by working making sure he had EVERYTHING he needed. Yet he was emotionally and mentally neglected by HIS MOTHER/FATHER. It was a tough pill to swallow but I listened, heard, acknowledged his truth, and apologized. Sometimes just listen

That explains why he act like that , then grandma raised kids a different breed 🥴


Both his parents were famous and always on the road. That’s not hard t

About his new ‘path’
“I’m really staying out the way because, due to my past events, [people] kind of said like, ‘Aye, bro! You do this sh*t, we ain’t, we can’t [work with you]. So, I’ve been chilling.”

and when the host showed him a photo of his younger self he said:

“I mean, he’s exactly who I am today, man. But, um, [viewers] just seen him being good, kind, funny, kid-type bad. You know?”