Tiny Harris Responds To Bombshell Claims T.I. Not King’s Biological Father

Tiny Harris has vehemently dismissed a baseless claim suggesting that T.I. is not the biological father of their son, King Harris. The unfounded assertion surfaced when an internet user made the outrageous claim on Thursday. Despite King gaining attention for his experiences in the limelight, Tiny and T.I. are firmly supporting him as he navigates the challenges of fame while striving for a sense of normalcy.

The young rapper, King, has made it clear that despite the family’s past reality show depicting a lavish lifestyle, he was not raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. There have been public discussions about his upbringing, with T.I. playfully teasing him about choosing to spend time with his grandmother rather than partaking in typical childhood activities with other kids.

Amidst the ongoing debate, where some interpreted King’s comments as criticism of his parents, a social media user started a wild rumor, suggesting that King did not resemble T.I. because he was not his biological son. The implication seemed to insinuate that Tiny may have been unfaithful to her husband.

An Instagram post claimed, “I just got word from a reputable source, #King was said his biological dad is #Bimmy, and that’s why he said #TIPS history is a mystery…and that it’s all cap. Somebody call #Maury #LaurenLondon We want to hear Clifford Harris #YouAreNotTheFather.”

According to another individual, the ongoing issues between T.I. and King stem from the child discovering information about his real biological father. This person also claimed that the alleged father, named as Bimmy, is connected to Waka Flocka Flame’s dad.

In response, Tiny expressed her dismay at the fabrication of lies about her son’s paternity, emphasizing the falsehood of the claims.