THE WORLD Record Holder for Largest Hips

Mikel Ruffinelli, a woman residing in Los Angeles, has earned the distinction of holding the world record for her extraordinary hip size, measuring an astounding eight feet in circumference. At 5’4″ and weighing 420 pounds, the 39-year-old embraces her unique physique with unwavering confidence, expressing no intention of shedding pounds due to her good health.

“I love my body, and I see no reason to lose weight because I don’t have health issues,” proudly states Mikel. She celebrates her curves, hips, and attributes, emphasizing her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, which keeps her 40″ waist proportionally smaller than her 99″ hips.

Despite her self-assurance, Mikel encounters daily challenges associated with her distinctive body size, such as difficulties in using the shower and attracting negative attention from onlookers. Nevertheless, she believes that many men appreciate her unique figure, asserting, “Men don’t fancy skinny girls.”

Married to Reggie Brooks for about 10 years, Ruffinelli’s spouse appreciates her sweet disposition and unique physique. Brooks humorously remarks, “I have a license and am permitted to work with my heavy equipment.” However, the practical aspects of daily life prove challenging for Ruffinelli, who must navigate door entrances and sleep in a specially accommodated 7-foot-wide bed.

Ruffinelli’s journey into this unique body size began at the age of 22 after having her first child. While she attributes her weight gain to pregnancies, acknowledging she eats about 3,000 calories a day, she has evolved from feeling self-conscious about her hips to confidently showcasing her body in public spaces as she has grown older.