Sherri Shepherd Shares Why Sexyy Red Is Not Welcomed On Her Talk Show

This week, discussions surrounding Sexyy Red have been prevalent, touching upon her perspectives on Donald Trump and the alleged leak of an explicit video on Instagram. Sherri Shepherd, during her guest appearance on “The Breakfast Club” on October 5th, shared her views on the matter, making it clear that the “Pound Town” rapper would not be welcome on her show.

The conversation with Shepherd covered various aspects of her life, such as personal experiences, her talk show, recovery from COVID, and a decision to undergo a breast reduction. Amidst these topics, Shepherd delved into the differences in sex drives between men and women, expressing her insights.

According to Shepherd, men seemingly have a constant desire for intimacy, equating it to a fundamental need. She stated, “Ya’ll will have sex no matter what. Y’all have sex when you get a great job, you have sex when you’re feeling confident, when you’re depressed. You want to have sex when you lost your job…no matter what, [men] will always want to have sex.” She emphasized that sex is like breathing for men, an essential aspect of their lives.

The discussion took a turn when DJ Envy referred to Sexyy Red’s song “Pound Town” and asked Shepherd if she would be interested in such encounters. Shepherd promptly declined, expressing her disapproval of the explicit content in the lyrics. She questioned the trend of overtly displaying one’s body and emphasized the allure of leaving something to the imagination.

In response to Envy’s inquiry about having Sexyy Red on daytime TV, Shepherd firmly responded with a resounding “No.” She criticized the current trend where explicit content and provocative displays seem to take precedence over more subtle and imaginative forms of allure, expressing her preference for a more conservative approach to sexuality.