R&B Singer Faith Evans Refuse To Repair Troubled Marriage With Stevie J, Divorce Final Any Day Now

Faith Evans recently celebrated her birthday in Turks and Caicos, surrounded by her children and friends from her Bad Boy era. Notably absent was her estranged husband, Stevie J, signaling the ongoing progress of their divorce. Faith is reportedly eager to expedite the process, and it appears Stevie is now cooperating by submitting crucial documents to facilitate their separation.

Legal documents obtained by The Blast reveal that Stevie has signed a declaration of disclosure, a significant step in divorce proceedings indicating the exchange of financial information between the parties. This development often signals a move toward resolution and settlement.

The relationship between Faith and Stevie had taken a contentious turn, with Faith accusing him of taking her car without permission to attend Coachella. She demanded the vehicle’s return, emphasizing that she solely owned it and had not listed Stevie on her insurance. Despite these conflicts, Stevie was present at their son’s birthday party, suggesting efforts to reconcile.

Critics had been skeptical of the couple from the beginning, as they transitioned quickly from friends to lovers, a move that faced scrutiny. The relationship faced additional challenges when Joseline Hernandez, not a fan of the couple, made derogatory comments about Faith’s son. The couple’s troubles escalated with Faith’s arrest on a domestic violence charge, and Stevie leaking videos of their arguments, claiming mutual disdain. Despite Stevie’s subsequent apologies and attempts at reconciliation, it appears Faith, now 50, is ready to embrace a fresh start in her life.