Rapper Takeoff Latest Musician To Pass Away Without A Will, Leaving Parents Feuding

The significance of having a will in the entertainment industry has once again come to the forefront following the untimely death of Migos member TakeOff. His family is currently embroiled in a legal battle for the right to his assets, as he left no documented instructions on how to distribute his fortune. TakeOff joins a list of prominent stars who passed away without ensuring their families were financially protected.

Even legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, who had a long and illustrious career, faced complications due to the absence of a will. Despite her immense impact on the music industry, Franklin left no will when she passed away on August 16th, 2018. Her four sons were left to navigate the complexities of her estate on their own. Attempts by her business manager to convince her to establish a trust had been unsuccessful, which could have streamlined the process and maintained privacy.


Similarly, Prince, the beloved “Purple Rain” singer, left no will when he passed away in 2016. With no children, his living siblings contested for rights to his estate, leading to a prolonged legal process that lasted until recently. The delay caused some siblings to pass away before a decision was reached.

The sudden death of hip-hop icon DMX also highlighted the challenges of estate management without a will. With a large extended family, including multiple children and baby mothers, the absence of a will led to a contentious battle for control of his estate. The situation involved disputes over precedence among family members, adding complexity to an already sensitive matter.

Now, TakeOff’s family faces a similar struggle following his tragic death at the age of 29. Valued at $26 million at the time of his passing, the rapper’s estranged parents, Titania Davenport-Treet and Kenneth M Ball, are attempting to navigate the distribution of his estate. Complicating matters, the estranged parents do not get along, with documented history suggesting that TakeOff was primarily raised by his mother. The financial stakes are substantial, considering that the rap group Migos is collectively worth $80 million. As the story unfolds, updates on this legal battle will be closely monitored.