Pit Bull Dragged His 7-Month-Old Sister By Her Diaper Out Of The Family’s Burning Home

Pit Bulls are often unfairly associated with dogfighting and not commonly chosen as family pets.

Regrettably, this negative labeling doesn’t do justice to the breed. More often than not, a dog’s behavior is a reflection of its owner. Sometimes, a story is so heartwarming that it’s worth retelling, and this is one such story. Prepare to be moved by the touching tale of a pit bull terrier.

Meet Sasha, the Pit Bull Hero
In 2018, Sasha the Pitbull displayed incredible heroism, preventing a potentially devastating tragedy. A fire had erupted in the Stockton, California complex where the family lived. Sasha, their pet Pit Bull, was outside that evening and quickly alerted Nana Chaichanhda by frantically barking and banging on the back door.

“I opened it, and she rushed in, barking like crazy. It was unusual for her,” Chaichanhda recalled. Upon witnessing the flames engulfing part of the complex, Chaichanhda decided to evacuate with her 7-month-old daughter. When she entered her daughter’s room, she found Sasha already there, attempting to save the infant by pulling her off the bed.

“Sasha had already grabbed my baby by the diaper and was pulling her off the bed. I was in disbelief and thought, ‘What are you doing?’ It meant the world to me. I owe her everything. If it weren’t for Sasha, I might still have been in bed, and things could have taken a far more tragic turn.”