PDA With Bae? Here’s Why Fans Think Jennifer Hudson And Common ‘Go Together’

Jennifer Hudson and Common are causing a stir in the celebrity gossip scene, with fans speculating that they might be the newest power couple.

Recent public displays of affection have fueled these rumors, particularly a Saturday night outing in New York City where they were spotted hand-in-hand at Joe’s Pub, a popular concert venue. While the photo captured a relatively modest moment of their alleged romance, Common’s satisfied smile was unmistakable, even if slightly turned away from the camera, while Jennifer appeared to be in the midst of a reaction.


For their Big Apple date night, the duo opted for comfortable and cozy outfits. Jennifer Hudson donned a white jacket, black slacks, and closed-toe boots, while Common sported a cream-and-khaki ensemble paired with white sneakers.

This isn’t the first time rumors have circulated about Jennifer Hudson and Common. In September 2022, the actress dismissed dating speculations during an Entertainment Tonight interview, clarifying that they were simply co-stars in the film “Breathe” (2024), where they played a married couple. She emphasized the need to eat between filming moments.

Despite the denial, dating rumors resurfaced in February of the following year when they were spotted together at Nobu in Malibu, as reported by TMZ. In May, a photo captured them walking arm in arm in the Chicago suburb where Jennifer Hudson reportedly resides. By August, Jennifer hinted at a more open approach, thanking a TMZ reporter for a compliment about them making a “beautiful couple.” However, she neither confirmed nor denied a romantic relationship with Common.

Days before the recent NYC photo emerged, Jennifer spoke to Gayle King about being “very happy” in her relationship. While she didn’t use the term “boo’ed up,” she described it as more sophisticated and ruled out the term “entanglement.” The duo’s relationship status continues to keep fans intrigued and guessing.