In a recent interview with Rolling Stone UK, iconic rocker Ozzy Osbourne candidly discussed his health challenges, revealing that he senses a limited time left, perhaps a maximum of 10 years, in his life. The former Black Sabbath frontman has been grappling with Parkinson’s disease and the aftermath of a 2019 fall that led to multiple surgeries.

During the conversation, the 74-year-old singer shared a conversation with his wife Sharon about smoking a joint. Sharon expressed concern, stating it could be harmful. In response, Ozzy remarked, “How long do you want me to live for?! At best, I’ve got ten years left, and when you’re older, time picks up speed.”

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While not fearing death, Ozzy expressed a desire to avoid a prolonged, painful existence. He contemplated the possibility of a terminal illness, mentioning the idea of seeking a quick resolution in Switzerland, inspired by his father’s experience with cancer.

Nicknamed “The Prince of Darkness” in his prime, Ozzy has faced significant health issues since his 2019 fall, resulting in multiple back surgeries. These procedures aggravated existing problems from a 2003 bike crash and unveiled a tumor. Reflecting on the challenges, Ozzy acknowledged the rough journey, stating, “It’s pretty rough, man, and my balance is all f*cked up.”

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Despite these hardships, Ozzy recognizes that his past struggles with drugs and alcohol should have led to an earlier demise. His wife Sharon attested to the tough times, emphasizing the enduring pain through surgeries and the anomaly of Ozzy being at home for an extended period due to his history of constant touring.

Ozzy Osbourne thinks he has 'at best 10 years left' to live

Remaining hopeful for one final performance, Ozzy declared, “I’m taking it one day at a time, and if I can perform again, I will.” Expressing regret for not getting a chance to say goodbye or thank you to his career, he aims to do a few shows for his loyal fans. Even if regular performances are not possible, Ozzy hopes to be well enough for a single show to express gratitude and bid farewell to his devoted audience.

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