OPRAH Winfrey reveals her doctors ignored a common heart-related menopause symptom

Oprah Winfrey recently discussed her experience with heart palpitations, a common symptom of perimenopause that was overlooked by her doctors.


In a panel conversation, she expressed frustration over the medical profession’s failure to link her symptoms to menopause. Oprah recounted visiting five doctors, including a female physician who conducted an angiogram and prescribed heart medication, without recognizing the menopause connection.

“I never had a hot flash in my life… but I started (menopause) at 48 with heart palpitations. And I went from doctor to doctor, literally five different doctors. A female doctor… put me on heart medication and never once mentioned that this could be menopause or perimenopause,” said Oprah.


She accidentally discovered the connection between heart palpitations and perimenopause in a book. Oprah has used her platform to discuss various health issues, including thyroid problems, high blood pressure, and the impact of sexual abuse on mental health, advocating for better awareness and understanding of women’s health.