On Steve Harvey’s show, his son says something that makes him cry

Steve Harvey, the renowned comedian and TV host, has a lesser-known but inspiring journey from poverty to success. Born in West Virginia to a coal worker, Harvey faced financial challenges during his childhood. When he decided to pursue a career, he took on various jobs, including being a mailman, carpet cleaner, and even a boxer, to make ends meet.

Steve Harvey's son makes a confession that moves him to tears

Following a divorce that left him financially strained, Harvey, determined to support his children, faced a period of homelessness. For three years, he lived in his car, relying on improvised solutions like using a cooler as a makeshift fridge and taking showers at gas stations and swimming pools. Despite setbacks and job failures, Harvey persisted throughout the 1980s to establish himself in the entertainment industry.

Steve Harvey's son makes a confession that moves him to tears

In 1990, his breakthrough came when he reached the final of the “Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search.” Subsequently, he started hosting the late-night TV show “Showtime at the Apollo.” Harvey, who had four children from his first two marriages, later married Marjorie Bridges and became a father of seven.

During a heartfelt moment on his show, Harvey’s seven children surprised him on his birthday. Each child shared their cherished memories, but it was Harvey’s stepson, Jason, who moved him to tears. Jason expressed gratitude for the positive impact Harvey had on his life, filling a void left by his biological father. Harvey, visibly emotional, was touched by the sincere acknowledgment.

As his family expressed love and appreciation, Harvey struggled to find words through his tears. He emphasized his commitment to supporting and caring for his children, stating that he would fight for their honor until the end of his days. The touching moment showcased the depth of Harvey’s connection with his blended family and the profound impact he had on their lives.