Michelle and Barack Obama took the cutest pictures to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to Michelle and Barack Obama on their 31st wedding anniversary! Both former First Lady Michelle and President Barack took to Instagram to share identical tributes to mark this special occasion.

In their heartwarming posts, the couple expressed their love and appreciation for each other.

Barack posted a picture of the two of them in coordinating blue outfits, standing against a picturesque backdrop of a grassy field and a blue sky. In his caption, he wrote, “Happy wedding anniversary, honey! @MichelleObama, you’re smart, nice, funny, and beautiful, and I’m lucky to be your wife.”

Michelle’s post featured a picture of the couple in white attire, showcasing their timeless bond. She wore a shiny knit dress with zigzag patterns and adorned herself with eye-catching bracelets, while Barack sported a dark brown button-up shirt and light-colored pants. Michelle expressed her enduring love, saying, “There are still 31 years to go. @BarackObama, I love going through life with you by my side. Honey, happy anniversary!”

While this year’s celebration was adorable, the couple reminisced about their 30th anniversary by sharing throwback pictures from their wedding day. Barack playfully commented on Michelle’s timeless beauty, and Michelle reciprocated the sentiment with a sweet message. Last year’s posts, including pictures from their wedding day and a beach outing with “Barack + Michelle” written in the sand, remain among their favorites.

As the Obamas continue to inspire with their enduring love story, the world joins in celebrating their remarkable journey together. Happy anniversary to this extraordinary couple!