Marlon Wayans Wants Women To Stop Pressuring Men To Marry Them

Marlon Wayans has a candid message for women contemplating a marriage with him: don’t expect a monogamous relationship, at least not until he’s ready. In a recent interview on Leah’s Lemonade Podcast, the actor, known for his role in The Curse of Bridge Hollow, cautioned individuals to approach the idea of marriage with caution.

Although Marlon Wayans was previously romantically linked to his longtime partner, Angelica Zachary, from 2005 to 2013, the two were never officially married. Despite occasional social media references to Zachary as his “ex-wife” in 2018, it’s clear their relationship remains solid, with Wayans publicly praising her as an exemplary woman.

In a 2021 interview with Essence, Wayans clarified that he had never been married to Angelica Zachary and revealed that his decision to forgo marriage was influenced by his belief that his mother needed him during her illness.

However, in the same interview, Wayans hinted at a possible change of heart regarding marriage in the future, stating that he “probably got one [marriage] in me. Just one.”

Wayans is resolute about getting married on his terms and when he’s ready. His advice to men seeking marriage is straightforward: “If you ain’t ready for marriage, don’t get married.” He emphasized his commitment to avoiding infidelity, questioning why anyone would want him to cheat if he’s not prepared for such a commitment. Wayans expressed a desire for a fully committed and pressure-free relationship, emphasizing his reluctance to conform to societal expectations until he feels prepared to take that significant step.