Marla Gibbs, 92 years old, has joined the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” as the grandmother of new intern Simone

Exciting news awaits Grey’s Anatomy enthusiasts as the show embarks on its highly anticipated 19th season, introducing a fresh batch of surgical interns.

Among them is Simone Griffith, portrayed by the talented Alexis Floyd, residing in Seattle. Simone’s storyline will delve into both her professional and personal life, unveiling her family dynamics, including her grandmother, Joyce Ward, portrayed by the legendary Marla Gibbs, renowned for her iconic role in The Jeffersons.

Joyce’s introduction promises to unveil intriguing facets of Simone’s life and her intricate history with Grey Sloan. Described as “funny, whip-smart, and a high achiever,” Simone brings a poignant personal account to the hospital, initially expressing reluctance to work there.

Marla Gibbs, a seasoned TV veteran with five Emmy nominations for her role as Florence Johnston on The Jeffersons, brings her immense talent to Grey’s Anatomy. Having previously collaborated with Shondaland productions in Grey’s Anatomy’s spinoff Station 19 and Scandal, Gibbs adds depth to the narrative with her multi-episode guest arc.

Simone Griffith joins a cohort of new interns at Grey Sloan, sharing the screen with Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Niko Terho, and Midori Francis. The 19th season is scheduled to premiere on ABC on Thursday, October 6, promising an exciting journey for both devoted fans and newcomers. Marla Gibbs’ involvement ensures an added layer of depth and intrigue to the evolving narrative, making it a season to remember.