Local Celebrity Surprises Bronx Students with $100,000 Back-to-School Wardrobe Makeover!

On Thursday morning, a well-known person from the South Bronx set out to make a change in the lives of kids in the area.

Artist, actor, and businessman Fat Joe set up a back-to-school clothing drive at The Eagle Academy for Young Men, which was a nice surprise for the students.

Fat Joe may be a name that these high schoolers’ parents or older brothers grew up with, but he is still a beloved Bronx celebrity who cares deeply about giving back to his community.

During his visit, Fat Joe told these young guys that they should strive to be great and give back to their community when they do.

Students from The Eagle Academy for Young Men waited calmly in the gym. As they looked at tables full of sneaker boxes and bags with new clothes, their excitement grew. They knew that if you wait, good things will happen.



Fat Joe gave them high fives and a motivational speech about how important hard work and drive are.

He told them, “What we’re telling them is that you can be great, but you don’t have to leave where you’re from. You can be active in your neighborhood and also be an inspiration to young people, because sometimes all they need is a little push, a little motivation.

Amadou Tall, a student at Eagle Academy, said, “It’s great to see someone from our borough who has been successful come back and give back to us in this way. I think what he said was real and true. He told us seniors how to stay off the streets and pay attention in school.

Fat Joe also told them that their new fall clothes would make them look stylish when they took off their outfits after school.

The school’s head showed his excitement and talked about how secretive and exciting the event was. He said that the next school year would be a good time to remember how important hard work is and how rewarding it can be.

Fat Joe gave over $100,000 worth of brand-new clothes, like sweatsuits, tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts, and shoes. These things were given to high school students at The Eagle Academy, middle school students at I.S. 219 New Venture School, and elementary school “students at P.S. 146 Edward Collins, which was Fat Joe’s” old school.