LNHH’s Spice Gives Health Update After Experience Health Scare In Dominican Republic

The recent months have posed significant challenges for Love and Hip Hop ATL star Spice. The iconic reggae artist recently disclosed a harrowing experience with sepsis while in the Dominican Republic, a battle that nearly claimed her life. Despite the ordeal, Spice expressed gratitude for surviving the health crisis.

Spice made headlines earlier this week when she appeared pregnant in a new photo, dressed in blue against a blue background. However, it was revealed that the reality star is not expecting a child. Rapper Khaotic claimed to be the baby’s father, sharing text messages from Spice announcing the pregnancy during an appearance on The Baller Alert Show. The revelation sparked curiosity as Spice referred to Khaotic as “bro” in the messages, prompting raised eyebrows from the show’s hosts. Khaotic explained that they prefer to keep their relationship private and suggested that Spice uses the term “bro” due to issues with her own brothers.

The maternity photoshoot, initially thought to celebrate a forthcoming addition to the family, turned out to be an appreciation of life. Spice clarified that she underwent cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic, facing health complications despite the success of the procedure. She spent October to December in a Dominican Republic hospital and later had a second surgery upon returning to the United States. Spice acknowledged that fans were upset for not explaining the situation earlier, emphasizing that she was going through a challenging time dealing not only with sepsis but also other personal matters. It took her six months to fully recover.

In response to the confusion about her pregnancy, Spice clarified that the photoshoot was a celebration of surviving and being granted another chance at life. She expressed excitement for the new opportunity and conveyed her gratitude for the support and well-wishes from fans. The reality star’s journey to recovery, both physically and emotionally, has resonated with her audience, who are relieved to hear of her well-being after the tumultuous period she faced.