La La Anthony, 41, says only 22-year-old men want to date her

La La Anthony, the 41-year-old single mother who divorced NBA star Carmelo Anthony in July 2021, recently shared her challenges in finding a suitable partner to settle down with. Speaking on the Spotify podcast “Call Her Daddy,” La La expressed her surprise at the trend of younger men expressing interest in her.

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According to La La, she regularly monitors her direct messages (DMs) for potential suitors but has consistently found messages from 22-year-olds. She shared her perplexity, stating that as one gets older, it seems that only younger men are interested in dating.

La La admitted to googling the men who approach her online and being surprised to discover their age. She mentioned the confidence of younger men but expressed uncertainty about what the appropriate age cutoff should be for someone in her mature stage of life.

While acknowledging that people may think she has a wide range of options, La La revealed that the majority of those trying to connect with her are in their early twenties. Despite not currently dating anyone seriously, she mentioned feeling flattered by the attention from younger men and expressed openness to going with the flow.

In response to a question about her dating status, La La stated that she is not dating anyone seriously at the moment but is open to the possibility. She emphasized her intention to be more open about dating and to see where things lead.

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