Keyshia Cole, an R&B singer, says she’s taking a break from music

R&B singer Keyshia Cole, a long-standing figure in the music industry, might be taking a temporary break from singing, leaving her fans disappointed. Known for her hits over the years, her last release was “I Don’t Wanna Be in Love” in 2021. While she has been actively working in the studio on new music, a recent post suggests that fans may have to wait a bit longer for her musical comeback.

Keyshia Cole made headlines when she decided to withdraw her son from Kanye West’s Donda Academy. Initially planning for her son to attend Ye’s school, she changed course after he sent a troubling tweet to Lil Boosie, expressing intentions to “shoot up the school.” Concerned about the situation, Keyshia Cole shared her decision to remove her son from Donda Academy.


Swiftly shifting the focus back to her music, Keyshia Cole posted a tweet with a picture of herself in the studio, pondering what creative ideas she would come up with that day. In the accompanying image, she is seen holding her phone with a soft hat on her head.

On Instagram, she shared the same picture with a slightly different caption, announcing a break from singing after spending “four days locked in the studio.” Expressing the need to shift her focus to her storytelling, she bid farewell to music for the time being and hinted at an extended stay in Atlanta for upcoming projects.

While Keyshia Cole hasn’t disclosed details about the specific movie she’s working on, and her IMDB page doesn’t show any upcoming projects, she assured fans that she plans to collaborate on some films during her hiatus from singing. This news may provide comfort to those eagerly anticipating new music from the talented artist.