Kelly Clarkson says she smacks her kids when they do something wrong

Kelly Clarkson has faced criticism for revealing in a 2018 interview with Atlanta radio station 94.1 that she occasionally uses spanking as a form of discipline for her children when they misbehave. The resurfaced clip has sparked a heated debate online.

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In the interview, the 41-year-old musician shared, “I’m not above getting spanked, which isn’t something everyone likes. I don’t mean to hit her hard; I just want to give her a spanking.” Clarkson admitted to occasionally spanking her daughter in public, acknowledging that it can be challenging due to societal perceptions.

Clarkson also discussed her own upbringing, stating that despite receiving spankings as a child, she considers herself a “well-rounded person with a lot of character.” The singer, known for hits like “Because of You,” emphasized her Southern roots and cultural background, where spankings were more commonplace.

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The musician, who has two children, River Rose (8) and Remington Alexander (6), with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, mentioned giving her daughter a warning before administering discipline, believing that it has helped improve her child’s behavior.



After the clip surfaced on Twitter, Clarkson’s parenting approach garnered both criticism and support. Some condemned her, with one user expressing concern about her bragging about spanking young children, while another said they lost respect for her. On the flip side, defenders argued that there is a distinction between spanking and abuse, and some shared their own experiences of receiving similar disciplinary actions as children.

Despite the controversy, Clarkson seems aware of the sensitivity surrounding the topic of physical discipline, acknowledging that discussing it can be “tricky” and that societal perceptions sometimes make it challenging, especially in public settings.