Jidenna Says “I robbed some women of their baby making years.. dragging them Along” As He Reflects On His Past Relationships

‘Classic Man’ singer Jidenna is reflecting on how he has handled certain relationships in his life and taking accountability.

Jidenna is a Nigerian-American singer, rapper, and record producer known for his fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and African rhythms.

He gained recognition with his song “Classic Man” in 2015, which showcased his unique style, blending dapper fashion with an eclectic musical approach.

During a conversation with StyleLikeu Titled “What’s Underneath The Masculinity” he admitted that he robbed some women of their ‘baby making years’.

He said he used to lie for sport because it was fun and that he has been an excellent manipulator because he did not realize that the only way he could relate to women would be through manipulation.

“I robbed some women of their baby making years dragged them along, they built me up… Look at me now and look at them.

He continued:

“If you are a creative a folded you into my artwork if you were in my art work I gave you a job I gave you a job I mastered your life, house food.. everything you need I protected and provided to you. I did what men are supposed to do.”

Then he described different manipulative things he would say like ‘no-one is going to love you the way I do’ describing it as shameful.

He also admitted that he get’s angry when he sees other brothers doing the same thing saying he saw himself for the first time and it was a reality check.

Listen below:


Twitter reactions to Jidenna’s confessions were not too positive: