Jeezy Reveals How He & Jeannie Mai Tried To ‘Save’ Their Marriage (WATCH)

Jeezy recently opened up about his life experiences in a candid conversation with Nia Long, shedding light on his journey to becoming the person he is today.

During the discussion, the “Put On” rapper revealed his early aspirations of being a married man and discussed his efforts, alongside his estranged wife Jeannie Mai, to “save” their marriage. Jeezy shared that they had tried therapy together, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining integrity and not dishonoring Jeannie, although he refrained from mentioning her by name.

“This has not been an easy journey. I’m saddened, disappointed, and uneasy, but God has put me on a different path,” Jeezy expressed. He emphasized the importance of taking care of himself and thriving in the best possible situation after all he has been through.

Nia Long empathized with the difficulty of explaining such emotions, to which Jeezy acknowledged and added, “You know I don’t like to fail at anything.” He admitted to being responsible for himself and doing what he can, recognizing the limitations of expecting external factors to align with his efforts.

When Nia asked if he and Jeannie Mai had sought therapy to address their issues, Jeezy confirmed with head nods and verbal agreement. The rapper self-published the entire interview on his YouTube channel on Nov. 7.

Following the interview, Jeannie Mai shared an Instagram post featuring their infant daughter Monaco, expressing, “My greatest accomplishment in life will be who I raised.”