Inside Comedian DL Hughley’s 37-Year Marriage To Wife LaDonna Hughley

DL Hughley has enjoyed a lengthy career in the media, attributing much of his success to his steadfast support system, particularly his wife of 37 years, LaDonna Hughley. Their enduring union has weathered both triumphs and tribulations, offering a glimpse into the complexities of their relationship.

DL Hughley, a comedian, actor, and radio personality, rose to prominence in the early ’90s through the popular series ComicView. His career expanded with appearances on shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sister Sister, and Double Rush, culminating in a starring role in The Hughleys. Despite the on-screen portrayal of his fictional family, DL is a real-life married father of three, having tied the knot with LaDonna in 1986.

LaDonna Hughley is recognized as an actress and filmmaker, co-starring with her husband on their reality television show, The DL Hughley Show. She has also produced projects such as the 2013 documentary Colored My Mind and appeared in the 2017 reality series Black Love. The couple’s journey began over three decades ago when they met while working for a telephone company. Their family expanded with the birth of their children: Ryan in 1987, Kyle in 1988, and Tyler in 1991.

While the Hughley family may have seemed to live a picture-perfect life, they encountered challenges, notably their son Kyle’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. DL has openly discussed the impact of the disorder on Kyle’s life, highlighting the necessity of routine for him.

Another significant hurdle was DL Hughley’s admission of infidelity. He candidly revealed his regular acts of cheating on LaDonna, leading to the birth of a child outside their marriage, unbeknownst to LaDonna. Tragically, the child passed away, and DL initially intended to keep this secret. However, LaDonna’s unexpected response surprised him, expressing regret for not knowing sooner. Over time, DL encountered the woman again and introduced her to his wife, resulting in LaDonna extending financial support to her. DL, now without an “allowance,” remains uncertain about whether his wife continues to provide financial assistance to the woman.

The complexities of DL and LaDonna’s relationship, marked by challenges and unexpected responses, reflect the resilience required in navigating the intricacies of marriage and family life.