Fat Joe Refused To Give Up Son After Learning He Was Austic, While The Mother Walked Away

Fat Joe, a revered rapper and hip-hop personality, has consistently emphasized the importance of family in his personal and professional life. Introduced to the world by his “brother” Big Pun, he has maintained close familial bonds with collaborators like Remy Ma and Jennifer Lopez.

In his own family, Fat Joe is a dedicated husband and father, having openly shared his experiences raising a son with autism. Born Joseph Antonio Cartagena, he has been a prominent figure in hip-hop since the mid-’90s, gaining mainstream success with hits like “Lean Back” and “What’s Luv?” following the tragic death of Big Pun.

In his personal life, Fat Joe has been married for over two decades to Lorena Cartagena, and they have three children—Azariah, Joey, and Ryan. Despite a brief period of public scrutiny amid a cheating scandal, the couple reconciled and remains a strong family unit. Notably, their eldest son, Joey, has autism, and Fat Joe has been vocal about the challenges and triumphs associated with raising a child on the spectrum.


Celebrating Joey’s birthday, Fat Joe candidly shared his journey of raising a child with autism, expressing initial fear and the doctor’s grim prognosis. Despite the difficulties, the Cartagena family persevered, rejecting the suggestion of adoption and choosing to raise Joey themselves. Fat Joe acknowledges the hardships faced by parents of children with autism, recognizing that it’s not an easy responsibility.

Fat Joe has kept Joey out of the public eye, concerned about the potential negativity in the world, particularly in the hip-hop industry where families can become targets during disputes. However, he emphasizes that he was never ashamed of his son and has recently opened up about their story to inspire and uplift others. Sharing a heartfelt post on World Autism Day, Fat Joe expressed love for Joey, highlighting his belief that his son brings joy and keeps his late parents’ memory alive.

In the face of challenges, Fat Joe remains a protective and proud father, using his platform to shed light on the realities of raising a child with autism while fostering understanding and compassion.