Deion Sanders had to have emergency surgery to remove a blood clot a few days after he said he was afraid he was going to lose his foot

Deion Sanders, known as “Coach Prime,” the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, is facing health challenges that have led to his return to the hospital.

The former football star, grappling with issues in his legs and feet due to blood clots stemming from a genetic illness, is awaiting a crucial surgery that holds significance for his well-being.

Recently, it was revealed that Sanders faced the possibility of losing his entire leg due to the genetic condition. However, he has undergone amputations, resulting in the loss of two toes. Fans anxiously await updates on the outcome of his impending surgery, recognizing the severity of his health issues.

Pat McAfee shared alarming news on Twitter, stating that Deion Sanders would undergo emergency surgery to address a blood clot in his groin. The information was relayed to McAfee by Adam (Pacman) Jones, who disclosed that Sanders hastily entered surgery on June 22 at 6 a.m., highlighting the urgency of the situation.

The current setback in Coach Prime’s health adds to a series of unfortunate developments. Sanders had previously shared that, due to a family history of blood clots, he anticipated losing his leg above the knee in 2021. Despite the challenges, he looked forward to moving forward with his life.

Having previously experienced a period in a wheelchair, Sanders’ fans express hope for a positive outcome following his recent surgery. While he has shown signs of improvement after previous amputations, there is collective optimism that this surgery will not result in permanent disability.

Sanders took to Twitter to update his followers, revealing that he had consulted with a doctor who diagnosed two blood clots—one in his right leg and the other in his left hip. The ongoing health struggles underscore the resilience of Coach Prime, and his supporters remain steadfast in their hopes for a successful recovery.