After 18 Years of Cheating T.I. Takes Oath To Be Faithful Black Man to Tiny

Award-winning rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris has just made a promise to his wife to stop cheating on her forever.


The oath, which was made yesterday, comes on the heels of Lil Duval’s “Black Men Don’t Cheat” single which has now turned into a challenge.

The rapper posted the message on his Instagram, and many fans are raising their eyebrows and rolling their eyes by the announcement.According to a source, T.I. is currently working on a remix for the recently released song.


“Smile (Living My Best Life)” singer, Lil Duval wants to change the narrative of how black men are viewed when it comes to relationships. He recently released a new single “Black Men Don’t Cheat” with the help of Charlamagne Tha God. On Wednesday, he tweeted, “Today we celebrate all the men that try to be faithful. From this day forth, we will try harder to be better. BLACK MEN STAND UP!!!”

Charlamange also posted an image onto his Instagram page with the faces of several black male celebrities.

It’s no secret the T.I. has not been the most faithful of husbands, in fact, rumor has it that he has been cheating throughout the couple’s two-decade-long relationship. He has been caught cheating on Tiny over a dozen times, each time saying that he would try to do better.