Blueface Cuddles His Son, Chrisean Rock Brags About 2-Month-Old’s $500K Bank Account

Blueface and Chrisean Rock may not be the perfect co-parents, but they appear to be making progress in navigating their situation, especially when it comes to their two-month-old son, Junior.

Despite Blueface initially disavowing his role as Junior’s father, recent developments suggest he is spending some quality time with his son. Earlier on, Blueface made a controversial decision to share an NSFW photo of his hernia on social media, seemingly to hold Rock accountable for a surgery. However, this move backfired, resulting in less favor online and threats of legal action from Rock. Fortunately, she seems to have shifted her stance in favor of fostering a relationship between Blueface and their baby.

In a recent clip, shirtless Junior is seen tugging on his father’s sweater as they sit together in a vehicle. The video captures the little boy’s growth since his birth in September, with someone marveling at how big he has become in just two months.


While Blueface is bonding with his third child through time and affection, Rock is ensuring the child’s financial well-being. Rock proudly shared on Twitter that she has put $40K on her son’s neck before he can even walk or talk. She emphasizes the importance of spiritual guidance, expressing that what matters most is what they leave inside the child.

Rock also takes pride in providing a comfortable lifestyle for her child, expressing gratitude that Junior won’t have to endure the struggles and hardships she faced. Despite the current co-parenting dynamic, Rock’s messages hint at a positive outlook for their child’s future.

The possibility of a romantic reconciliation between Rock and Blueface is left open-ended, prompting speculation and discussion among fans. The evolving dynamics between the two parents will be something to watch as they continue to navigate parenthood and coexistence.