Black Couple Adopts Three White Kids, Saying ‘Families Don’t Have to Match’

A heartwarming story of love and family defying conventional norms emerged when Sadie and Jarvis Sampson, a black couple, chose adoption to complete their family. Faced with the challenges of infertility, the Sampsons embraced the unconventional path of building their family through fostering and adoption, breaking stereotypes and celebrating the diversity of love.

The couple’s journey began with a surprising call from a friend, inviting them to consider fostering or adopting a child. Despite initial hesitations, Sadie and Jarvis, accustomed to the struggles of wanting children, opened their hearts to the possibility. This unexpected turn of events led them to foster a child who, over time, became an integral part of their lives.

After multiple attempts to conceive, including medical interventions and weight loss, the Sampsons had nearly given up on the dream of becoming parents. However, the call to foster a child turned their world around, transforming them into parents overnight.

Their first child, Ezra Lee, entered their lives prematurely, weighing only four pounds, five ounces. The Sampsons spent time in the NICU, nurturing and caring for their newborn son. The adoption process brought immense joy, and Ezra officially became a part of their family in October 2020.

Undeterred by societal expectations and criticism, the Sampsons continued to expand their family by adopting Journee and Destinee through embryo donation in 2021. The couple’s message is clear: families don’t have to match. With love as their guiding force, Sadie and Jarvis proudly raised three children—Ezra, a boy, and two daughters.

While their unconventional family drew attention and, at times, criticism, the Sampsons remained resilient, emphasizing that love is the strongest foundation. Their story echoes that of a black mother in Connecticut who faced condemnation for adopting two white siblings. Both instances prove that, ultimately, love transcends racial boundaries, creating beautiful and diverse families bound by affection and shared experiences.