Actress LisaRaye Reflects On What Went Wrong After Both Of Her Marriages Ended In Divorce

LisaRaye is a successful actress and television personality. She has spent years in the spotlight as one of the most beloved icons in black Hollywood.

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Despite being gorgeous and a catch for any man, LisaRaye still has not found her happily ever after. This is not without trying, however, as LisaRaye has had several suitors and has even been married in the past. While men probably pursue her for her looks, LisaRaye admits she might not have always been looking for love for the right reasons.

LisaRaye comes from a well-off family and was always used to the finer things. As she broke into acting, films like Player’s Club positioned her as one of the most desired women in the game, and soon many were lining up to court her.

By 2006 she had found her match in the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Misick. Misick lived a lavish life and brought LisaRaye on board as the first lady.

She lived like a queen and did a great deal of work while living on the island. Unfortunately, Misick turned out to not be who he seemed, and his empire quickly fell apart as he was exposed for fraud and corruption. LisaRaye would quietly divorce him and move on, throwing herself back into acting. The union only lasted two years.

In the years since the split, LisaRaye has done more work as a host and television personality, allowing her to let people in on who she really is. During some of her chats on Cocktails with Queens, she has opened up about what it takes for a man to impress her.

She opened up even further on an episode of Trick Daddy’s cooking podcast. LisaRaye said at the time that she only wanted a man who could pay all of her bills.

LisaRaye believes that this the way it’s supposed to be based on the bible. She also feels like she does her job in the bedroom and should be taken care of as a result. LisaRaye is not the only one to feel this way, and celebrities like The Game, Masika Kalysha, and Juicy J have all shared similar sentiments.

While LisaRaye prefers a man that can take care of the household, she does admit that she wishes, looking back, that she had married for love. She confessed to frequent collaborator Claudia Jordan that she wished she had considered that when she married Michael.

She clarifies that she did not solely marry for money however, and claims that she married more for “the potential of love.” She told Jordan, “It was the potential of falling love, but I should have been in that before the marriage. Perhaps you know, the dream that he sold me was, ‘I want to date you in our marriage,’”

She regrets falling for that idea but admits at the time she thought it was “clever” and truly believed that they could fall in love while being married. It is unclear if she is currently dating, but she recently welcomed advance from rapper Meek Mill.