A Unique Pregnancy Story: When a Man Gives Birth

In today’s world, families come in all shapes and sizes. Tori and Syven, a transgender couple, have captured the hearts of many with their extraordinary pregnancy journey. In their heartfelt YouTube video titled “My Husband Gave Birth to Our Children,” they share their experience of becoming parents to their one-year-old son, Prophet, and one-month-old daughter, Wynter.



Tori never thought it would be possible for her and Syven to conceive naturally. However, despite the challenges they faced, including the nature of Syven’s pregnancy as a transgender man, they welcomed their precious children into the world. Syven described the experience as “perfect,” highlighting the remarkable joy and love they felt.

But their unique story also brought unexpected judgment and scrutiny from others. Syven admitted that being judged was hard for him, and Tori agreed that the process was terrifying for both of them. As transgender individuals, they had always believed that parenthood would be unachievable. Syven, who had been taking testosterone for a long time, thought it was impossible for him to conceive.



Their journey to parenthood was a challenging one, and they often wondered if they would ever have children. Both Tori and Syven began their transitions at different points in their lives, navigating the complexities of gender identity. When they shared their pregnancy news with their loved ones, they received mixed reactions. Many people found it difficult to understand how a transgender couple could have kids.

Syven found himself uncomfortable amidst pregnant women at the obstetrician-gynecologist office. The puzzled expressions and laughter surrounding him highlighted a lack of understanding that a man could indeed get pregnant. Tori and Syven often encountered stares, smirks, and giggles from people who couldn’t comprehend their unique situation. It was challenging, but they remained resilient.


Despite the negative comments and judgments they faced, Tori and Syven chose to focus on what mattered most: raising their children in a nurturing home environment. Their main concern is the success and happiness of their kids. As a loving couple, they hope for greater sensitivity to pronouns used in hospitals and a more open-minded attitude towards pregnant transgender individuals and their families.

Tori and Syven’s story serves as a powerful reminder that love and family transcend societal norms. They have shown incredible strength in overcoming obstacles to create a beautiful and loving home for their children. Let us celebrate their journey and strive for a world where everyone is accepted and supported, regardless of their gender identity or how they choose to build their families.