3-Year-Old Drowns In Married To Medicine Cast Member Quad Webb’s Backyard Swimming Pool

Quad Webb, a star of Married to Medicine, and her family faced a tragic event this month, experiencing the unimaginable loss of her 3-year-old niece.

Reports from various sources reveal that the reality television personality’s niece, Aryanna “Ari” Rice, drowned in the pool of Quad’s Atlanta home on July 7th. This devastating incident occurred in the same week that Quad’s family was already mourning the loss of another member, although it’s unclear if this refers to her brother Quentin, who passed away earlier in the year.

According to witnesses, two men near the pool initially mistook the little girl for a floating doll and were unaware of her falling into the water. Quad Webb, who had a close relationship with Ari and had reportedly adopted her in 2020, expressed her deep connection with the child in previous social media posts. In one post, she reminisced about moments like Ari falling asleep on her chest, expressing gratitude for being a part of the young girl’s life.

In response to the tragic events, Quad’s representatives released a statement to TMZ, acknowledging the profound challenges the family is facing: “Quad Webb and family have suffered the loss of two beloved family members, in separate occasions, in just one week. This has been an incredibly challenging experience for the entire family. Your understanding and support are deeply valued.”

Amidst the heartbreaking news, discussions in the comments section ranged from speculation about the circumstances leading to the incident to expressions of sympathy and prayers for Quad and her family. Some debated the importance of swimming lessons for children, while others urged caution, emphasizing the need to refrain from speculation until all the facts are known.